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Trained and qualified (ARCM), with over 30 years of professional experience in opera, concert and in the recording studio. 

Classical baritone soloist, session singer and narrator. 

I am now pleased to have the time and opportunity to do some recycling... to pass on valuable tips and the 'fruit of experience' to those with the energy and determination to pursue their own goals.

Providing technical guidance to those already established and advanced in their careers, I also advise beginners. 

With a wide experience of working with all voice categories, my attention is to voice-placing, breath control, support, posture and diction. 

My extensive experience as a professional opera-soloist and narrator can be of considerable benefit to the singer, actor, professional speaker and narrator alike. 

"With me, you can acquire a healthy singing technique which is based on the Italian 'bel canto' school of singing. In this I am able to continue the work of one of the finest teachers I had the good fortune to study under, the late Redvers Llewellyn.      

"Whether you're into opera, musicals or pop - I use the same approach to vocalising to ensure the health and longevity of your voice.

"I offer high-quality vocal exercises and training methods. Here I focus on the development of a comfortable and natural voice placing. 
This voice position is supported through correct use of breath and, working from the middle range of the natural voice; optimises the balance between vocal resonance and the air we use. 

"Damaged voices, those suffering from strain or fatigue, are in my 'voice-repair shop' in safe and experienced hands. I can show you how to become your own voice doctor, to be 'at one with' and to 'know' your voice".

Failure is only a detour on the road to success

Teaching languages: 
English, German and French

Location: 1090 Vienna, Austria



Are You Making The Right Impression with Your Voice?

It’s not just what you say, how you say it is just as important.Your voice can be one of your biggest assets when giving presentations. However, for many, it can often be a liability.Your voice creates an immediate impression — either good or bad — from the moment you start to speak

But why is the voice so important?

Your voice 'says' something about you.It can help people believe in what you have to say or conversely it can start to undermine your message or make people doubt your credibility.

It takes skill to make full use of your voice; to create the impression you really want and to be able to enjoy the effect it can have on your audience. And, with help, you can start to develop that skill to its true potential.

I’ll help you get rid of natural bad habits.

Many people have developed bad vocal and speech habits; from speaking too fast with a monotonous tone to mumbling and dropping the ends of their sentences, or neglecting important aspects of articulation.

On top of all this, when standing up and speaking in public, we have also to face that ultimate demon - nerves.

Nerves can negatively affect your voice, causing:

  • dry throat and coughing...
  • nervous swallowing...
  • hesitant speech...
  • shaky, nervous, thin sound...
  • poor projection...
  • over-loud, 'harsh' tone...
  • speaking too fast and stumbling...

Working together in confidence-building and grounding one-to-one sessions 

With my one-to-one guidance you develop the key vocal skills you need through simple exercises and by explanation of how your voice works and how nerves can affect it. Lean to be selfish with your breath!
This is of utmost importance to help overcome nervousness and old habits while you are making your presentation.

An audience can't listen easily to you if they feel nervous 'for you'. Learn to speak clearly and confidently with a comfortable authority. Remind yourself to breath in comfortably in scripted and self-created pauses, most singers forget this at first!

It's vital for your audience to hear EVERY word you say, so they can understand and remember what you're saying. This is especially true when both you and your audience are working in English as a second language!

Moderate your tempo and control the RUSH!

If you speak too quickly maybe you'll:

  • lose track of what you're saying...
  • blur your words together...
  • speak too quietly...
  • become even more nervous...

...and, finally, you risk your audience completely losing track of what you've tried to say.

I can help you develop skills to control your speed and clarity, so you don't rush through your presentation and leave the audience playing 'catch up'.

How to capture the audience's interest:

Speaking for any length of time requires energy, stamina and passion. A speaker needs to have a relaxed, expressive and engaging voice.

If an animated voice risks leaving your audience paying 'catch up', by the same token, a monotonous voice does little to inspire an audience, leaving its members comatose.

By developing your:

  • range of vocal expression...
  • control over the pace of your speech...
  • ability to sustain vocal energy...
  • ability to control your breathing...
  • ability to speak clearly...

...you'll learn how to capture the audience's attention and sustain their enthusiasm throughout your presentation.

Build presentation skills 
Influence your audience:

By developing these key vocal skills you’ll have a much stronger influence on your audience so that they:

  • believe what you're saying...
  • remember what you're saying...
  • are inspired by what you're saying...

...and then they can go out and act upon what you've just told them.

Become skilled at presenting:

For most people, advice like “just be yourself” to help you present more effectively, is less than helpful. It's more likely to encourage you to fall back on all those bad habits you want to avoid.

Good presenters use a range of personal skills to support their message and create the right impact. And these key skills can be easily developed with systematic training.

Even the people who appear to be “natural” when it comes to presenting, will normally have developed these skills over time to help them present with ease and stand out from the rest.

And with the right help you can do it too

Get in touch by email...
and in your free time 
calmly take the steps you need:

  • to maximise your confidence
  • to realise your vocal potential 
  • to polish up those presentations
  • to present naturally in your interviews
  • to 'nail' that next acting audition or role
  • to enjoy a new authority and easiness

     in clear and confident voice!

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