Voice Training & Singing Lessons

All lessons in person are temporarily suspended, until further notice, because of the the current Covid-19 crisis


- for singers, actors and professional speakers - 

Royal College of Music, London qualified vocal tutor, I give coaching in vocal technique for professionals and beginners. 

          Since my own training and qualifying with the ARCM teaching diploma from the Royal College of Music in London, I've gained over 30 years of valuable experience on the opera stage, concert platform and in the recording studio as singer and narrator and am now pleased to have the time and opportunity to do some recycling... to pass on valuable tips and the fruit of experience to those with the energy and determination to pursue their own goals.

           Providing technical guidance to those already established and advanced in their careers I also advise beginners. With a wide experience of working with all voice categories, my attention is to voice-placing, breath control, support, posture and diction. My extensive experience as a professional opera-soloist and professional narrator can be of considerable benefit to the singer, actor, professional speaker and narrator alike. 

           "With me, you can acquire a healthy singing technique which is based on the Italian 'bel canto' school of singing. In this I am able to continue the work of one of the finest teachers I had the good fortune to study under, the late Redvers Llewellyn.      

"Whether you?re into opera, musicals or pop - I use the same approach to vocalising to ensure the health and longevity of your voice.

            "I offer high-quality vocal exercises and training methods. Here I focus on the development of a comfortable and natural voice placing. This voice position is supported through correct use of breath and, working from the middle range of the natural voice; optimises the balance between vocal resonance and the air we use. 

            "Damaged voices, those suffering from strain or fatigue, are in my "voice-repair shop" in safe and experienced hands. I can show you how to become your own voice doctor, to be "at one with" and to "know" your voice.

"Failure is only a detour on the road to success!"

Teaching languages: English, German, FrenchLocation: Vienna, Austria