"The Rake's Progress" - Stravinsky 

Role: Nick Shadow Master.mp3 



"Satan sings very beautifully... Andrew Golder in the role of the devil (Nick Shadow) seduces by modern means of the media... the fact that, on top of this stressful job he still sings fantastically, is an additional bonus."

Der Standard, Vienna



 "Andrew Golder as Nick Shadow, as much with his voice as his scenic play, on the one hand so  sovereign and impressive, the other so learnedly malicious and evil, that one could see the devil  behind each one of his gestures! Thanks to his natural vocal capabilities, he could crown his  performance with the final aria fulminating with intensity." 

 Der Merker, Vienna



"Slimy, slippery as an eel, a leader in today's consumer industry, so is Andrew Golder's Nick Shadow. With his stage presence and his enormous baritone, the devil is always and everywhere"

Dr. Oskar Tonkli, Kärntner Tageszeitung



"Andrew Golder, who plays Nick Shadow varying between Mephistopheles and Leporello, leading his victim into wealth and finally insanity and misery, impressed with his strong expressive baritone."

Kleine Zeitung