Audio : Holländer 'Die Frist ist um'

https://webzoom.freewebs.com/andrewgolder/Audio/Opera/08. Wagner - Die Frist ist um - Der fliegende Hollaender.mp3

From Act I 'Der fliegende Holländer' / 'The Flying Dutchman? - Wagner


"Andrew Golder is a Dutchman with powerful stage presence and immense vocal capacities - from daemonic to heroic to lyrical mellowness." 

Westfalen Blatt

"Golder proves not only his immense vocal capacities and stamina, he also impressively demonstrates in his rich colourful singing the inner brokenness with fascinating skill."


"...he sings supremely through the rôle and his baritone has the size and foundation to recreate the epic scenes, oscillating between sung narration and 'psychological declamation'. A thoughtful, sarcastic, ironic Seaman."


"His excellent acting abilities go hand in hand with his qualities as a singer... His large aria 'Die Frist ist um' confirms this extraordinarily experienced artist who can carry such a demanding rôle right through to the end, up to the last precise note."

Die Presse, Vienna

 "Both houses have outstanding interpreters of the ambitious title rôle: both Andrew Golder in Bielefeld and Karsten Mewes in Mainz work with great imagination, strength and large vocal reserves".