Les Contes d'Hoffmann - Offenbach

Roles: Four Villains: Lindorf, Coppelius, Miracle, Dapertutto


https://webzoom.freewebs.com/andrewgolder/Audio/Opera/Lindorf done.mp3

audio sample : Lindorf  - 'Dans les rôles d'amoureux langoureux' - Act I




"The four mephistophelisian villains Lindorf, Coppelius, Mirakel and Capitaine Dapertutto... Andrew Golder with solid transformation ability and a darkly shining Spieglaria as crowning culmination deserves praise".



Kleine Zeitung, Vienna

"Andrew Golder's bass-baritone possesses the right maliciousness for the four villains; he  skillfully negotiates the rather precarious heights of the Diamond Aria in the right way".

Die Presse, Vienna

"Daemonic : Andrew Golder as Coppelius. Immaculate performance of the villains".

OPAI Kurier-Wertung


"Molto Bravo also Andrew Golder in the role of the Four Villains.. he sang excellently, showing a full low register, giving an ideal interpretation of the devil above all in the rôle of Dr. Miracle.? 



" ...with the appearance of Doctor Mirakel, Andrew Golder plays and sings the villains strongly - his performance in the Antonia act the creation of a convincing emotional centre".

Karl Harb, Salzburger Nachrichten