Role: Falstaff


Audio : 'Ehi! Paggio!'  from Act I 

 https://webzoom.freewebs.com/andrewgolder/Audio/Opera/06. Verdi Falstaff - Eh paggio act 1.mp3

"Andrew Golder shines in the title rôle of the loveable fat galant...

Golder offers a glittering character study of the 'king of the bellies' and develops in the course of the performance more and more into the 'stage animal' around which everything turns... Andrew Golder's sovereignity is passed to the entire ensemble."

Oberfränkischer Kurier



"In the circle of soloists Golder was naturally dominant as Falstaff. Figure and voice seemed made for each other. He was almost without letup onstage. His vocal stamina deserves all respect." 

Neue Presse



"Vocally and as an actor, Andrew Golder as Sir John Falstaff always effectively delivers the proven rôle-clichés of the fat knight convinced of his own dyed-in-the-wool amourous charisma."

Bamberger Zeitung