voice-over rate guide 2020 / 2021

Guide to VO Pricing:

Voice-Over Rates are determined by such criteria as script length, word count, where and on what platform the recording is to be used and for how long, and studio time.

Please ask for a quote, or offer a deal if you have a large or multiple project(s). All rates are based on the following criteria and negotiable to suit your budget wherever possible, while remaining in line with our Industry Standards.

BSF (Basic Studio Fee): varies worldwide, Europe and GB from 350 Euros to USA 600 USD.

Price includes the cost of recording in my studio for a calculated session increment BSF of one hour - editing and post-recording time for larger projects such as museum audio and media guides, for example, are agreed separately, in addition to Usage payments which themselves are based on BSF, see below. 


(In-House Corporate/Industrial film, Image film, e-Learning)

Non-broadcast rates include:

  • All rights In-House use in perpetuity
  • Fast delivery of files under 48 hrs
  • Recording, studio and time
  • Editing mistakes and breaths
  • Audio level and sibilants optimisation
  • Upload to server for your download
  • 1x corrections* (pronunciation, speed, style)
*Script changes post-recording may incur additional charge


(TV / Radio / Cinema /Internet)

Please contact me at vo@andrewgolder.com for the Buyout terms appropriate for your project. The tariffs to be discussed normally refer, when transferring usage rights concerning artistic speech design, to a usage period of one year after the date of recording, unless explicitly stated otherwise. 

The Basic Studio Fee forms the structural basis for Royalty and Usage calculation. 

As a guide and depending on the duration and area(s) covered by broadcast, the Usage Buyout is an additional negotiable payment of between 100%-500% of the BSF and valid from 3 months to 2 years according to agreement.

Useful Links for TV and Internet Broadcast Usage to assist with calculation:





https://www.sprecherverband.at/sprecherhonorarsaetze (in German)

https://www.sprecherverband.at/minimumfeesforannouncers (in English)

The tariffs of VOICE - the Guild of Announcers and Voice Artists - refer, when transferring usage rights concerning artistic speech design, to a usage period of one year after the date of recording, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The tariffs stated here are non-binding recommendations.

Internet: For the online usage of commercials as active advertising (e.g. pre-rolls, insertion of a spot that cannot be skipped) the relevant follow-up spot fee applies for one year of Internet usage. 

Online usage of commercials as banners, mouse-overs etc.: 50% surcharge on the relevant spot fee for one year of Internet usage. Online usage without active insertion (company’s own website): by agreement. Online usage exclusively for reference purposes, e.g. of the agency or production by agreement



Payment  through PayPal, Bank Transfer or via Wise, within 30 days from Invoice.

Prices plus 20% VAT (unless Exempt or when Reverse Charge System applies)