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Mics: Neumann U87, AKG C414 XLII, Sennheiser MKH 416

Preamp: AMS Neve 1073N

Limiter: Universal Audio 1176LN

Soundcard: Lynx E22


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Voice-Over, Narrator and Storyteller working from private professional recording studio.

Andrew's voice-overs enhance the image of many of today's leading brands, companies and institutions including: Volvo, Hervis Sport, Chanel, Erste Bank, FC Kaiserslautern, SK Sturm, the IAEA and Skippy Peanut Butter... to name but a few. 

His narrations accompany many an audio-guide and documentary film for clients such as Vienna Museum, Stasi Museum Berlin, BBC, Puls4, Sat7,  Pre TVORF Universum, Faudon Movies...

To order your VOICE-OVER: 

Please contact by email for a quotation, ensuring to clarify as much of the following info as possible: 

  • the length and content of your text
  • usage: broadcast, internet, in-house  
  • script style and timing restrictions
  • foreign or specialist pronunciations 
  • recording to be fully edited or unprocessed 
  • format (wav, aiff, high quality mp3)

Your interest is very much appreciated!

View films voiced by Andrew Golder:

Skippy Stunt Nut TV Comercial UK

Volvo Reveal TV Commercial worldwide

Garibaldi Documentary - narrator

Biofaction Corporate Science video

Marmind Corporate Imagefilm

Client Testimonials:

"I love working with Andrew 

and this won't be the last time! 

Thank you so much!" 

- Zach Daulton

"Great work as always!" 

Sergio Cordoba 

Children Audio-book

"Andrew is the man! 
Nails the direction right out the gate, 
has a great voice, great turn around time 
and probably the best sounding gear in the biz. 
He knows his stuff! 
A true seasoned pro!" 
Joseph Flood, Floodgates Audio Chicago

"Andrew is super talented, patient and helpful. 
I would hire him again anytime" 
Team America OU Flexibell Dog

"Best of the best! Such a pleasure to work with 
and quick turn around. Highly recommend!" 
 Zach Daulton

"Fantastic reads, extremely reliable" 
- Krasnow Productions L.A.
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